Concrete Health and Fitness is a Christchurch owned and operated 24/7 Gym Facility.

Our aim is to provide health and well-being options to everyday New Zealanders, no matter what your background may be. With our warm, friendly service, we will make you feel at home as you settle in to what can sometimes be an intimidating environment.

  • Competitive rates & 30 day contracts
  • Our memberships do not include a Joining Fee

  • Free consultation & program design for new members
  • Ask about our corporate membership’s deals, specifically catered to Christchurch businesses

Remember, whatever your personal journey is, our fitness family is here ready to make your goals a reality.

Start your training today


  • $19.90 per week (Available to be charged fortnightly or monthly) – Incl 24/7 Access + Unlimited Group Exercise Classes. *excludes Yoga and Pilates Classes.

N.B. – Above Memberships are 30 Day Contracted, $19 Access Card fee applies, Subject to cancellation terms and conditions. Initial Consultation and Exercise Program provided free for all new members.


  • $99 – 10x Group Fitness Concession
  • $15 each – Casual Gym Workout/Group Fitness Class


  • $199 – 1 Month
  • $299 – 3 Month
  • $499 – 6 Month
  • $749 – 12 Month

N.B. – Above Memberships include 24/7 Access and Unlimited Group Fitness Classes.$19 Access Card fee applies. Initial Consultation and Exercise Program provided free for all new members.


  • $12.50 – Single Class
  • $18 – Two Classes per week
  • $90 – 10X Class Concession

All senior classes can be subsidised by WINZ

Keith Symes

Hi! Im Keith ‘Concrete’ Symes, owner operator of Concrete Health and Fitness.

At Concrete Health & Fitness we pride ourselves on being a facility that actively engages and supports our members. We welcome every person who walks through our doors so they may feel comfortable in what can be an intimidating environment.

Along with great value memberships, we work closely with our members and the local community to provide benefits for our members and local businesses. We are also the only gym in Christchurch that runs its own food production company. It is called Dr Prepper! Have a good look through our website and see what separates our facility from any other.

Have any questions? Please contact us direct.

On behalf of our fitness family, thank you for visiting.

Keith Symes
Founder – Personal Trainer

Senior group classes

We offer senior classes to help strengthen bones, circulation and overall help you keep active.

Senior Movements

A fun, social class designed to keep the body moving and active.


 Developed to improve circulation and reduce swelling/pain in the lower body.


This class is all about improving the strength of bones and connective tissues through exercise.

Class Descriptions


Learn a wide variety of free weight and body weight exercises as you move from station to station assisted by a timer.


This high cardio and low impact class help build endurance levels while conditioning legs to power up hills.


Breathe, relax, and unwind. A stretch based class focusing on improving flexibility, blood flow, recovery, and reducing muscle/joint stress due to exercise.

Step Moves

Step class with a more advanced combination of moves to challenge the mind and body


 Taught by experienced and highly qualified yogis, yoga will improve flexibility and mindfulness leaving you ready to take on the day.


A total body workout with lighter weights. Exercises are choreographed to the music to keep you motivated throughout the class.


A fun way to move your feet. Follow the moves, sing along, and enjoy this popular party style class.

Box-fit Circuit

Mixed circuit class consisting of boxing drills. Designed for every fitness level and a fun way to add variety to your training.


High-intensity interval training. A class consisting of short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short rest periods/periods of low-intensity exercise.


Pilates is a low-impact, strength, and flexibility-based class. These classes are designed for all fitness levels and involves slower, controlled movements that aim to strengthen hard to release areas.

To book a class, please phone on – 03 3322 604