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We pride ourselves on having exceptionally trained staff who are friendly, helpful and well educated. They work side by side with our Physio staff to ensure they know the most they can about the human body and movement to be able to provide you with the best service possible. Our staff are capable of personalising programmes to suit your needs including achieving personal goals, working around current injuries and understanding what motivates you.

We aim to help our clients live passionately through the discovery of their bodies full potential and achieve the specific goals that are important to them. We have created a safe environment where members are encouraged to ask for help on technique or advice for training from our trainers who are in the gym from open to close to offer assistance.  

Our intention is to inspire, motivate & educate as many people as possible to become fit & healthy at our Christchurch Health Club

Established in 2000 we have over 13 years experience in the wellness industry with a qualified team of health & fitness professionals we are confident we can help you reach your desired goals

If you are an experienced gym goer, you will be pleased to know that we limit our membership numbers, so that you will not have to wait to be able to train. Check out our classes and opening times and click to join instantly!

If you are just starting on your journey to better health, fitness and well being, check out our results page. Results based training offers training that guarantees specific results within a specific time frame.

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  • Cardio burns more fat than Resistance Training
  1. Resistance training has been proven to improve VO2 max & create an after burn effect so you burn more fat while you sleep.

 Eating Fats make you FAT

  1. Eating too many calories could make you fat. Essential fats have multiple roles inside our body such as brain, eye & joint health. Trans-fats

 DON’T eat carbs after 3pm

  1. Everyone’s energy expenditure is different & it is important you are fueling your body for daily tasks.


Our trainers have will have you reaching your goals faster

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