How to develop lacking areas

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Do you have areas that you’re struggling to develop strength?

We all have them! An area of the body/performance that you are not happy with.

The most important thing, in this case, is your mindset. Realise that you have the ability to change these areas. Through consistency and persistence, it can be done. Learning to be thankful for what you have is crucial for your body to change. Put it like this, you have difficulty growing your glutes. You look at your butt in the mirror after every workout and think that it has not grown in that session. You look at your butt before every workout and think about how small it is. Can you see you have defeated yourself before and after you train?

How would you feel if your boss told you before every shift that you are crap at your job and never making progress? Then says to you at the end of your shift “oh look at that! You achieved sweet f**k all today.”

Your body listens to what you say! Speak to it with kindness and love.

 The next step is to know what you want to change and for what reason? Is it for performance? Aesthetics? Your training must compliment your goals.

Genetics play a huge part in what you can achieve. For performance do you have more slow-twitch muscle fibres for control and strength or do you have more fast-twitch muscle fibres for explosive speed and power?

For Aesthetics you may be able to easily grow an area of your body or you may have difficulty in doing so.

The way to develop lacking areas is to stick to a set training regime. Every week, you adjust to make small steps forward. There may be multiple training programs for the same goal which allows for various styles of training. However, to improve any area, especially a lacking area the body must be under regular and controlled stress. Ensuring that adequate rest and nutrition are accounted for. If aiming for a direct muscle group to improve, I would suggest not training the same muscle group on any two consecutive days.

In a nutshell, you have the ability to change a lacking area with the right attitude and challenging your body through consistent increases in multiple exercise programs. How far you can go with these efforts will solely depend on your genetics!

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